Through academic excellence, we provide the theoretical foundation for critical thinking in quantitative problem solving and reasoning. We help students to develop their ability to effectively communicate mathematics, and prepare them for success in a career in actuarial mathematics, applied mathematics, applied statistics, or other profession.


James Bishop

Ph D, Northeastern University
MA, State University of New York at Binghamton
BA, State University of New York at Albany

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Capalbo, Joseph

Joseph A. Capalbo

MA, Rhode Island College

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Gorvett, Rick

Rick Gorvett

Ph D, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
MBA, University of Chicago
BS, University of Illinois at Chicago

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Hasenfus, Louise

Louise Hasenfus

MAT, Rhode Island College
BA, Rhode Island College

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Kennedy, Kristin

Kristin Kennedy

Ph D, University of Rhode Island
MS, Brown University
MS, Georgia Southern College
BA, Manhattanville College

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Lamere, Alicia

Alicia T. Lamere

Ph D, University of Notre Dame
MS, University of Notre Dame
BA, Hamilton College

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Nguyen, Son

Son Nguyen

Ph D, Ohio University
MS, Ohio University
BS, Military Technical Academy

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Niu, Gao

Gao Niu

Ph D, University of Connecticut
MS, Western Illinois University
BS, Iowa Wesleyan University

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Olinsky, Alan

Alan D. Olinsky

Ph D, University of Rhode Island
MS, Hofstra University
BBA, Hofstra University

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Pitts, Karen

Karen Pitts

MS, Bryant University
BS, Bryant University

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Quinn, John

John T. Quinn

Ph D, Harvard University
SM, Harvard University
BS, Brown University

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Salzillo, Michael

Michael Salzillo

M Sc, University of R.I.

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Smith, Richard

Richard M. Smith

Ph D, University of Wisconsin - Madison
MA, University of Wisconsin - Madison
BA, Queens College of the City University of New York

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Zywiak, William

William H. Zywiak

Ph D, University of Buffalo
BA, University of Buffalo

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Adjunct Faculty

Patricia Capuano
David Deacon
Gerard Ethier
JoAnn Lovett
Bradford Monroe
Eric Simonian
Denise Trudeau
William Velle
Suzanne Walker