Through academic excellence, we provide the theoretical foundation for critical thinking in quantitative problem solving and reasoning. We help students to develop their ability to effectively communicate mathematics, and prepare them for success in a career in actuarial mathematics, applied mathematics, applied statistics, or other profession.


Nancy Beausoleil

Faculty Suite A, Room 22 |

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James Bishop

Associate Actuary and research in retirement planning, simulation, and probability theory

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Capalbo, Joseph

Joseph A. Capalbo

Faculty Suite K, Room 216 |

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Hasenfus, Louise

Louise Hasenfus

Louise M. Hasenfus earned her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Mathematics from Rhode Island College. She is a member of two honor societies in mathematics: Pi Mu Epsilon and Kappa Mu Epsilon. While her teaching career began at Dedham High School.

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Kennedy, Kristin

Kristin Kennedy

As a professor of Mathematics at Bryant University for over 34 years, currently serving as the Chair of the department, I teach a variety of courses from statistics to actuarial mathematics classes. My research interests follow a wide spectrum from topics regarding the teaching of mathematics effectively to issues in accounting, healthcare.

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Alicia T. Lamere

Faculty Suite A, Room A11 |

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Niu, Gao

Gao Niu

Faculty Suite L, Room 108 |

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Olinsky, Alan

Alan D. Olinsky

Faculty Suite J, Room 125 |

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Piascik, Chester

Chester Piascik

I have been teaching at Bryant for the past 47 years. During that time, I have taught courses in Mathematics and have written nine textbooks which were published by Merrill Publishing and West Educational Publishing (Now Cengage Publishing). These textbooks were published for courses in APPLIED MATHEMATICS, APPLIED CALCULUS, and FINITE MATHEMATICS.

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Pitts, Karen

Karen Pitts

Graduate of Bryant University: B.S. in B.A with Accounting Concentration/Finance minor; MST from Bryant University. CPA certificate - inactive status. Worked at Big 4 Public Accounting firm of Ernest & Young; formerly Arthur Young. Worked at Textron Inc. in various accounting rolls.

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Quinn, John

John T. Quinn

Faculty Suite J, Room 124 |

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Smith, Richard

Richard M. Smith

Faculty Suite A, Room 15 |

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