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Kennedy, Kristin

Kristin Kennedy

Professor, Mathematics
Faculty Suite A, Room 3

As a professor of Mathematics at Bryant University for over 34 years, currently serving as the Chair of the department, I teach a variety of courses from statistics to actuarial mathematics classes. My research interests follow a wide spectrum from topics regarding the teaching of mathematics effectively to issues in accounting, healthcare, statistical research topics, and a variety of business topics. Most recently my teaching interests are in the field of statistics and actuarial mathematics courses. Besides working and volunteering in the community, I enjoy traveling as often as possible, and I am an avid golfer.

Mathematics of Finance, Statistics, Actuarial Mathematics

Mathematics of Finance, Mathematics Curricula, Mathematical Programming, Mathematics Education, Actuarial Mathematics, Statistics, varied business topics

  • American Statistical Association - Boston Chapter
  • Kappa Mu Epsilon
  • Mu Kappa Rho
  • Math Who's Who in America
  • American Statistical Association
  • Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society
  • 2016, Bryant University Merit Award
  • 2014, Bryant University Merit Award - spring 2014
  • 2012, Irish Voices Education 100
  • 2012, Bryant University Merit Award - spring 2012

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