Through academic excellence, we provide the theoretical foundation for critical thinking in quantitative problem solving and reasoning. We help students to develop their ability to effectively communicate mathematics, and prepare them for success in a career in actuarial mathematics, applied mathematics, applied statistics, or other profession.


Department Faculty

Adjunct Professors

  • Patricia Capuano
  • David Deacon
  • Gerard Ethier
  • JoAnn Lovett
  • Bradford Monroe
  • Eric Simonian
  • Denise Trudeau
  • William Velle
  • Suzanne Walker
Hasenfus, Louise

Louise Hasenfus

Lecturer, Mathematics
Faculty Suite A, Room 12
MAT, Rhode Island College
BA, Rhode Island College
  • Rhode Island College Alumni Association
  • St. Francis Xavier Alumnae Association
  • St. Xavier Academy, Board of Directors
  • 2013, member
  • 1983, member