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Zywiak, William

William H. Zywiak

Lecturer, Mathematics
Ph D, University of Buffalo
BA, University of Buffalo

I enjoy teaching statistics and many other courses. With statistics you can find an answer to most questions that you can think of, on any topic. I find the moment of seeing the first results from new data very exciting. Students in Math 201 learn to be skeptical consumers of results presented in the media and journals. We live in an exciting time when more and larger datasets are made available to the public. Since joining the Bryant community in 2016, I have taught nine Math 201 (Statistics I) sections (including two Honors sections) three Math 110 (Calculus) sections, as well as AA 205, AM 332, Math 129, Math 350, and PSY 260. I have also advised one Honors Capstone Project so far.

As a statistician for NIH studies he has conducted research on a variety of topics, and his field of research continues to expand. He has more than 50 peer-reviewed publications, more than 10 of which are first authored. Several of his publications have been cited more than 100 times each. He has previously received a 280K secondary data analysis R21 award and a 2 million randomized trial R01 award from NIAAA of NIH. He enjoys developing new questionnaires to answer diverse research questions. He has created and or validated the Self-Description Inventory and the Reasons for Drinking Questionnaire.

  • Kappa Mu Epsilon
  • Mu Sigma Rho
  • 2017, Honorary Coach for a Day

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