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Molly Funk '16: A unique path perfect for each student

Majors: Finance, Applied Analytics
Minor: Literary and Cultural Studies
Hometown: Coventry, CT
Path: Associate Financial Analyst, Fidelity Investments

Molly Funk '16Molly Funk ’16 (Coventry, CT) made Bryant her top choice after speaking with faculty members at an admission event. “I could tell that the professors really cared about students, something that was very important to me,” she recalls. “Since then, I have been impressed by the caliber of faculty and the thought that they put into their course objectives and syllabi. Furthermore, every professor I have had the pleasure of working with has always encouraged me to go a little bit further and deeper in my education.”

"I honestly don’t think I would have gotten these opportunities anywhere else."

In just three years, Funk, a double concentrator in Finance and Applied Analytics, will graduate summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree.

“My experience at Bryant has been wildly different from that of anyone else,” notes Funk. “The University has the unique ability to provide the perfect opportunity for each student. I honestly don’t think I would have gotten these opportunities anywhere else.”

Funk is editor-in-chief of The Archway, Bryant’s student newspaper. Among her many achievements, she:

  • won a national financial plan competition;
  • participated in Bryant’s Linked Through Leadership Development Program, a three-step course that helps students develop their individual, group, and community leadership abilities.

As part of the Sophomore International Experience, Funk, who lauds Bryant’s globally oriented curriculum, studied the economies of Prague and Budapest. “I am constantly amazed by the thoughtful integration I’ve seen in my classes to incorporate a global focus into the material we are studying,” she says.

Funk has accepted a position with Fidelity Investments, where she is currently an intern. She will begin her career as an associate financial analyst at the company’s campus across the street from Bryant, the perfect location when she begins MBA evening classes at the University this fall.