About Modern Language

Language study teaches you to think critically and analytically, and introduces you to ways in which other cultures construct thought and make meaning.
Bryant Professor Elisabetta Misuraca

Our Faculty

The department’s faculty members disseminate knowledge through teaching, publications, presentations, and engagement with private and public organizations and groups. Their outstanding research runs the gamut from second-language acquisition and applied linguistics to cultural and contemporary issues in countries where the language is spoken. They bring this expertise into the classroom as dedicated educators, mentoring and inspiring students to discover their passion and talents, challenging them to apply what they’ve learned. Our faculty are active in service learning, student assessment, and the pedagogy of foreign-language film and literature.

Chinese and Spanish

Chinese and Spanish are each offered as a major, a concentration, and a minor. The University offers unique opportunities to be involved with China through its U.S.-China Institute and Confucius Institute.

French and Italian

French is offered as a concentration and minor. Italian is offered as a minor. Each provides an advanced level of language proficiency and an understanding of the cultures where the languages are spoken.

Clubs and Organizations

Our department often co-sponsors many of the internationally-focused events held on campus. We also sponsor events and support a variety of clubs and organizations that offer opportunities to apply concepts and ideas learned in the classroom. That way, students continue to build skills even outside the classroom, all while forming lifelong connections.

  • Bryant University's Spanish Cultural Organization (BUSCO) believes in the responsibility of supporting and promoting the Spanish language and culture within the Bryant community. Our focus is to better Spanish speakers' abilities and knowledge of the Spanish culture. We aim to coordinate educational combined with social events with both liberal arts and business aspects. 

  • China-Bryant Connection (CBC) believes in the responsibility of supporting and promoting the Chinese language and culture within Bryant University as well as the surrounding community. Our focus is to better Chinese language speakers’ abilities and knowledge of the diverse Chinese cultures.  Our goal is to coordinate educational and social events with both liberal arts and business aspects.

  • International Student Organization is open to all Bryant students in order to promote the social and cultural interaction among members of the University. The club holds both cultural and social activities and functions.

  • Italian American Association is open to anyone with an interest in learning about and promoting the Italian culture. We strive to promote Italian culture through events such as Italian dinners, Bocce tournaments, card games, and other activities associated with the Italian culture.

  • Multicultural Student Union is a representative body for students from many ethnic backgrounds. It strives to improve the quality of life at Bryant by educating the community about other cultures

  • Student Experiences Abroad Club (SEAC) is a social club geared toward students who have studied abroad and wish to keep their experience alive with like-minded students. We aim to foster the experience and apply it in all aspects of life.

  • The Franco B.U. members are devoted to encouraging the use of French language in everyday conversation and business atmospheres. The club’s goal is to expand awareness of the highly diverse Francophone cultures throughout the Bryant University community. This includes organizing French-language film screenings and film festivals, music nights, a French literature group, and collaborative cuisine nights. We organize events centered around traditional French and Francophone holidays, such as Mardi Gras. The club is open to French and non-French speakers, in order to raise awareness of the French language and to educate the Bryant community.

Department Chair

Where our students go

Graduates of Bryant’s Modern Languages programs go on to prestigious graduate programs and are in demand by business, industry, and nonprofit organizations.

Boston Scientific
Dunkin' Brands
Federal Reserve Board
Goldman Sachs
NBC Sports
East China Normal University
Johnson & Wales University
Saint Mary's College
University of Chicago
University of Denver
University of San Francisco

Inspiring Faculty

Yun Xiao

Inspiring Faculty

Our accomplished faculty include award-winning educators and mentors whose research ranges from second-language acquisition and applied linguistics to cultural and contemporary issues affecting the communities of the languages they teach. Among them is:


Professor of Modern Language
Department Chair