Modern Languages

Language study teaches you to think critically and analytically, and introduces you to ways in which other cultures construct thought and make meaning. Our courses integrate culture, history, literature, and other creative productions into the learning experience, and introduce you to business discourse.

Modern Languages at Bryant

Language study is necessary for employment in a range of professions and offers many opportunities for graduate study.

Our department offers programs in Chinese, French, Italian, and Spanish. Classes are conducted in the target language. We also host a language lab, which provides supplemental instruction and teacher- and student-guided instructional materials.

Faculty members are dedicated educators whose outstanding research runs the gamut from second-language acquisition and applied linguistics to cultural and contemporary issues in countries where the language is spoken. Our department often co-sponsors many of the internationally-focused events held on campus.

Language competency enhanced by cultural understanding

Cultural understanding is key to linguistic competence. That's why Heather Moon and Elisabetta Misuraca, lecturers in the Department of Modern Languages, are teaching ethnographic fieldwork to their students who will be studying abroad.

Passion for China, nurtured at Bryant, drives Tara Long '17

Long, whose language and marketing skills are in demand at Chafee Center and travel agency, heads to grad school in China after Commencement.

Alexia Bayer '15: Young professional on the move

A financial analyst at The Hartford, her IB (Finance) major and concentration in French helped her land a spot in leadership development program's Middle Market International Finance rotation.

Chinese and Spanish

Chinese and Spanish are each offered as a major, a concentration, and a minor. The University offers unique opportunities to be involved with China through its U.S.-China Institute and Confucius Institute.

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French and Italian

French is offered as a concentration and minor. Italian is offered as a minor. Each provides an advanced level of language proficiency and an understanding of the cultures where the languages are spoken.

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The Faculty

We disseminate knowledge through teaching, publications, presentations, and engagement with private and public organizations and groups. We also are active in service learning, student assessment, and the pedagogy of foreign-language film and literature.

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