Modern Languages

Language study teaches you to think critically and analytically, and introduces you to ways in which other cultures construct thought and make meaning. Our courses integrate culture, history, literature, and other creative productions into the learning experience, and introduce you to business discourse.


Gomez, Patricia

Patricia Gomez

MA, University of Texas Pan American
BA, University of Texas Pan American

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Houston, Anthony

Anthony Houston

Ph D, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
MA, MA University of Kentucky
BA, University of Kentucky

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Kondratiev, Yuri

Yuri V Kondratiev

Ph D, Brown University
MA, Tulane University
BA, Berea College

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Misuraca, Elisabetta

Elisabetta Misuraca

MA, Boston College
BA, University of Rhode Island

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Moon, Heather

Heather M. Moon

MA, Middlebury College
BA, Mount Holyoke College

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Williams, Zhongyuan

Zhongyuan Williams

MS, University of Massachusetts
BA, Kanto-Gakuin University

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Xiao, Yun

Yun Xiao

Ph D, University of Hawaii
MA, University of Hawaii

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Adjunct Faculty

Linda F Ausiello
Ellen Conroy
Miriam Czerwein
Margarita Dempsey
Qi Dong
Josefa Dougal
Maria Hofman
Brittney Kondratiev
Yuri V Kondratiev
Alejandra Peary
Andres Zuniga