Modern Languages

Language study teaches you to think critically and analytically, and introduces you to ways in which other cultures construct thought and make meaning. Our courses integrate culture, history, literature, and other creative productions into the learning experience, and introduce you to business discourse.


Department Faculty

Adjunct Professors

  • Linda F Ausiello
  • Ellen Conroy
  • Miriam Czerwein
  • Margarita Dempsey
  • Qi Dong
  • Josefa Dougal
  • Maria Hofman
  • Brittney Kondratiev
  • Yuri V Kondratiev
  • Alejandra Peary
  • Andres Zuniga
Moon, Heather

Heather M. Moon

Lecturer, Modern Language
Faculty Suite J, Room 102

MA, Middlebury College
BA, Mount Holyoke College

Spanish and Latin American Film, Reading and Writing, Survey of Literature in Spanish, Spanish and Latin American Cultures

Female Film Directors, Technology in the Language Classroom

  • American Council on Teaching of Foreign Languages
  • The American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese
  • The Rhode Island Foreign Language Association
  • International Association for Language Learning Technology
  • 2016, Faculty Innovation Grant
  • 2014, Center for Program Innovation’s Faculty Innovation Grants
  • 2013, Merit Award