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Kondratiev, Yuri

Yuri V Kondratiev

Adjunct Professor, Modern Language
Faculty Suite F, Room 2404

Yuri Kondratiev completed his doctoral dissertation focusing on early modern history of medicine and literature entitled "The Unruly Body or the 'New Normal': Renaissance Pathology and the Literary Imagination." Adapting an interdisciplinary perspective, Yuri Kondratiev strives to bridge arts and sciences to show the viability of the literary perspective and to establish a close interdependence between the medical realm and the literary imagination by reexamining the major medical and literary corpora - including Jean Fernel’s and Ambroise Paré’s writings, Montaigne’s Essais, and Rabelais’ oeuvre. Yuri Kondratiev obtained his PhD at Brown where he subsequently taught French language and literature for the past three years. He also served as a Visiting Assistant Professor of French language and literature at Wheaton College, MA. He’s currently a Lecturer at Bryant, where he teaches French at all levels and a GFCL course on Renaissance Humanism.

French Language, Culture and Literature Renaissance literature and culture

Interdisciplinary studies, Renaissance Literature, Language pedagogy and methodology, history of science and medicine.