Modern Languages

Language study teaches you to think critically and analytically, and introduces you to ways in which other cultures construct thought and make meaning. Our courses integrate culture, history, literature, and other creative productions into the learning experience, and introduce you to business discourse.


Department Faculty

Adjunct Professors

  • Linda F Ausiello
  • Ellen Conroy
  • Miriam Czerwein
  • Margarita Dempsey
  • Qi Dong
  • Josefa Dougal
  • Brittney Kondratiev
  • Yuri V Kondratiev
Kondratiev, Yuri

Yuri V Kondratiev

Lecturer, Modern Language
Faculty Suite F, Room 2404
Ph D, Brown University
MA, Tulane University
BA, Berea College

French Language, Culture and Literature Renaissance literature and culture

Interdisciplinary studies, Renaissance Literature, Language pedagogy and methodology, history of science and medicine.

  • American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages
  • American Comparative Literature Association

Kondratiev, Y. V., “Corporeal Abnormality as Intellectual and Cultural Capital: Ambroise Paré’s Monstres et prodiges, Montaigne’s Essais and Jean Fernel’s Pathologiae Libri,” New Directions in Literature and Medicine, Palgrave Macmillan, Ed. Stephanie Hilger, January 2018, 2018.

Kondratiev, Y. V., Kondratiev, Yuri, The Historian: Losse, Deborah N.  Syphilis: Medicine, Metaphor, and Religious Conflict in Early Modern France. Columbus: Ohio State University Press, June 2, 2017, The Historian, 2017.