Science and Technology

Our dedicated faculty and quality facilities prepare students for science-related careers and graduate studies. We emphasize basic and applied research, technological applications, and international experiences because our objective is not merely to accumulate knowledge, but also to develop commitment and take action.


Blais, Brian

Brian Blais

Ph D, Brown University
Sc M, Brown University
BA, Wesleyan University

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Hokeness, Kirsten

Kirsten Hokeness

Ph D, Brown University
BS, University of New Hampshire

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Langlois, Gaytha

Gaytha A. Langlois

Ph D, University of Rhode Island
MA, University of Rhode Island
BA, Eastern Nazarene College

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Leng, Qin

Qin Leng

Ph D, A joint program of Chinese Academy of Sciences (China) & Swedish Museum of Natural History (Sweden)
MS, Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (China)
BS, Department of Biology, Nanjing University (China)

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McNally, Dan

Dan McNally

Ph D, Michigan Technological University
MS, Michigan Technological University
MA, Webster University
MA, Webster University
BS, University of Detroit

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Mott, Stephanie

Stephanie F. L. Mott

M Sc, University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences

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Phillips, Angelyn

Angelyn Phillips

Ph D, Boston College
M Sc, University of Rhode Island
B Sc, University of Rhode Island

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Reid, Christopher

Christopher W. Reid

Ph D, University of Guelph
M Sc, University of Waterloo
B Sc, Laurentian University

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Whitaker, Dania

Dania Whitaker

MS, University of Rhode Island
BS, University of Rhode Island

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Yang, Hong

Hong Yang

Ph D, University of Idaho
MS, China University of Geosciences (Beijing)
BS, China University of Geoscience (Wuhan), P.R. China

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Adjunct Faculty

Mah-Rukh Anwar
Sandi Brenner
Kayla M. Cetrone
Jennifer Davis
Jaime Diego
Mark R. Gauvin
Katelynn Howard
David Huestis
Gerald John
Lucas Kang
Joseph Klinger
Christopher Neil
Keyana Roohani
Melissa Silva
John Stachelhaus
Andrew Whitman