Science and Technology

Our dedicated faculty and quality facilities prepare students for science-related careers and graduate studies. We emphasize basic and applied research, technological applications, and international experiences because our objective is not merely to accumulate knowledge, but also to develop commitment and take action.


Department Faculty

Adjunct Professors

  • Sandi Brenner
  • Kayla M. Cetrone
  • Jennifer Davis
  • Mark R. Gauvin
  • Brad A. Haubrich
  • Katelynn Howard
  • David Huestis
  • Gerald John
  • Joseph Klinger
  • Saman Nayyab
  • Emily Petruccelli
  • Leila Rieder
  • Keyana Roohani
  • Janis V. Roy
  • Melissa Silva
  • John Stachelhaus
  • Geoffrey Tapalu
  • Robert Thorn
  • Rachel S. Waghchoure
Whitaker, Dania

Dania Whitaker

Lecturer, Science and Technology
Faculty Suite C, Room 380
MS, University of Rhode Island
BS, University of Rhode Island

Oceanography, Geology, Biology

  • 2017, Service Award
  • 2015, Merit Award