Gaytha Langlois

Gaytha A. Langlois

Professor Langlois, whose scholarly pursuits include microbial communities associated with coral reefs and oil-stressed ecosystems, the effects of climate change on Arctic ecosystems, and protection strategies for endangered Metasequoia redwoods in China, also has extensive experience in crafting municipal and statewide environmental policies. Her courses focus on broad policy implications, system challenges, innovative technology solutions, and sustainable business practices. Formerly Chair of the Department of Science and Technology from 2008-2014 and again in 2017-2018, Langlois helped to create new academic programs in Environmental Science and Biology, including the M.S. in Global Environmental Studies degree program, and collaborated with colleagues to envision new laboratory facilities, research programs, and faculty recruitment needs. Langlois was integrally involved in the Bryant’s collaborative learning at a distance program (CLD) in Belarus, and has traveled extensively in China and Tibet as part of Bryant's global education initiatives. She is currently President of the International Society of Protistologists (ISOP) and will serve on the Executive Committee until 2021.

Ph D, University of Rhode Island

MA, University of Rhode Island

BA, Eastern Nazarene College

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Merit Award , 2018

Sustainability Champion, 2018

Alumna of the Year, 2013

Merit Award, 2013

Distinguished Faculty Award, 2009

Special Alumnus Award, 2008

Distinguished Faculty Award, 2005

Outstanding Service Award, 2005

Outstanding Alumnus Award, 1984

EPA Merit Award, 1978

Microbial Ecology, Sustainability, Environmental Policy, Coastal Resilience; Water Pollution; GIS; Land Use Planning, Hazardous Waste Management, Renewable Energy

Oil Pollution Impacts on Marine and Estuarine Microbial Communities; Coral Reef Ciliates; Ecology of Metasequoia; Grasslands Protists; Environmental Policy; Wetlands Ecology

National Audubon Society

Wood-Pawcatuck Watershed Association

International Society of Protistologists

Rhode Island Natural History Survey

Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor Commission

Rhode Island Green Building Council

Audubon Society of Rhode Island