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Gupta, Neal

Neal S. Gupta

Adjunct Professor, Science and Technology
Faculty Suite G, Room 456

Gupta, N., Yang, H., Cody, G. D., Fogel, M. L., Liu, W., Sun, G., Leng, Q., Molecular preservation and bulk isotopic signals of ancient rice from the Neolithic Tianluoshan site, lower Yangtze River valley, China, Organic Geochemistry, 2013.

Witkowski, C., Gupta, N., Yang, H., Williams, C. J., Briggs, D. E., Summons, R. E., Leng, Q., Molecular preservation of three-dimensionally preserved Cenozoic fossil conifers at high latitudes, Palaios, 2012.

Yang, H., Liu, W., Gupta, N., Leng, Q., How decay and diagenesis influence stable carbon isotope signals in plant fossils?, Abstract # SS14-O11 (588) in the Programs and Abstracts of SS14-The evolutionary history of conifers that are now endemic to Asia at the 13th International Palynological Congress/9th International Organisation of Palaeobotany Conference (IPC XIII / IOPC IX), 2012.

Gupta, N., Yang, H., Briggs, D. E., Cody, G. D., Summons, R. E., Leng, Q., Diagenesis of plant biopolymers: A study of decay and macromolecular preservation of Metasequoia, Organic Geochemistry, 2009.