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Amreen Ahmad ’17: Finding connections between science and international business

Majors: International Business, Finance concentration; Biology
Minor: Chinese
Hometown: Milford, CT / Shanghai, China
Path: Aetna, Inc. Financial Leadership Development program

Amreen AhmadMonths before Commencement, Amreen Ahmad ’17 already has accepted a job with Aetna's Financial Leadership Development program, a three-year opportunity designed to develop management-potential talent into finance leaders.

The program is an ideal fit for Ahmad, an Honors Program member who is always striving to grow and discover. “The most important thing I’ve learned at Bryant is that you never stop learning,” she says. “The breadth of opportunities at Bryant is huge. ... I look at all the things I’ve had the chance to be involved in on campus, and every single one has helped me grow as a student and as a person.”

"It was interesting to use the concepts I had been learning for the past few years in a real-life setting" at Teknikor.

Relationship between Finance, Biology

Ahmad came to Bryant to explore twin academic passions, International Business and Biology. “I think the two are very related," she says. "Biology is very analytical and there’s an interplay when it comes to the math and the modeling we apply in Finance and biological experiments. It’s very interesting to see those relationships.”

It was difficult, however, to find a school that would let her study both at a high level ­– until she found Bryant University. “I’m glad Bryant made that possible,” she says.

Ahmad was born in the U.S. but raised in China and she considers Shanghai to be her second hometown. She speaks four languages and has mixed her Bryant coursework with internships and international study. She explored Argentina and Chile as part of the University’s Sophomore International Experience and studied at Queen Mary University in London, where she also interned at Mizuho International, the London-based banking arm of Mizuho Securities.

“As someone who’s very interested in international business, it’s important to understand how to be able to work with people across cultures,” she says. “Cultural competency is something we talk about a great deal in our International Business classes and it’s something I have been able to implement through the international experiences I have taken part in.”

For her International Business capstone project, Ahmad, and other students, worked as a team with Teknikor, an industrial contractor, to conduct market research and provide a recommended service agreement for use when partnering with international companies. “It was really interesting to use the concepts I had been learning for the past few years in a real-life setting,” she says. “That’s not something a lot of people get to do in their coursework.”

Ahmad also combined her courses of study with an Honors Program and Biology capstone project that analyzed the connection between GDP and carbon dioxide emission levels across 200 countries. The implications for both international business and setting environmental policy are broad.

Becoming a leader

Student leadership opportunities "have been very important to me,” she says. “I’ve been so involved in so many different aspects of student affairs and campus engagement, and they’ve been really instrumental for me.” She's a member of:

  • the International Business Association;
  • the Senior Advisory Council;
  • Multicultural Student Union;
  • Student Arts and Speaker Series (SASS).